How to Improve your Sales Process with Video


How are your cold emails performing?

Getting prospects to open your emails, especially when they haven't heard about you, is more challenging than ever. Think about your own inbox, every day it gets full of marketing and sales emails that end up in your trash bin, or stay there forever forgotten...

According to SuperOffice, only 22% of sales emails are opened. 

However, 87% of B2B buyers say that online content has significantly influenced their purchase decision.

This means that if you provide your prospects with the right type of content, you'll not only get a higher engagement, but you will actually be influencing them to consider your brand more seriously.

This is where video can be really helpful.

Video is one of the most effective assets that you can have in your sales process. It can deliver information in a short amount of time, and it provides a better opportunity to build a relationship with your prospect than with just a plain email.

When used correctly, videos will help your prospects understand your value proposition, and help you close sales faster.

The first step is to identify where in your sales process you could benefit the most from adding video content.

Here are some examples of videos that will help you along your sales process:

  • Case studies and testimonials: These are the most important type of videos you can have, since they provide social proof to your prospects, and show them how you've helped other clients. Make sure the messaging in your testimonials is consistent with your value proposition, because it will increase the trust in your brand.

    • These videos don't need to be super high quality. What's most important is that you have examples from the different industries that you work with, and that you have the videos ready to send to your prospects. For example, this is a testimonial video from the University of New Hampshire, highlighting the impact that HubSpot had in helping their students.

  • Corporate and branding: These videos communicate your value proposition and establish the personality of your brand. They could be corporate videos tailored to specific industries or product update videos. The goal is to pique your prospects' curiosity early in the sales process, and invite them to learn more about your company. For example in this video, this production company highlights the services they offer and the industries they serve.

  • Educational: These videos should address key questions and objections that your prospects have along the sales process. For example, if a lot of customers ask about how to import contacts into your software, you could have a video that explains how easy the import process is.

  • Personalised videos: These videos allow you to engage with prospects in a more personal way and build better relationships with them. An example could be recaps from past meetings, or a quick demo of a feature you got asked about

    • It's extremely important that everyone in your sales team is able to create these videos by themselves. Your prospects will appreciate the extra effort that you put in helping them.

It is worth noting that you don't need to come up with new ideas for these videos. If you have other types of content that have been well received among your prospects, like e-books or infographics, you should repurpose them into videos. Different people prefer learning in different ways, and your prospects would appreciate having those options to choose from.

Once your team has the videos they need, you need to store them in an organized library that is easily accessible by your whole team. That way, everyone on the team will be able to find and send the right content at the right time.

However, having all of this amazing content ready to use is not helpful if your reps don't use them regularly.

Most sales team struggle getting their reps on board to adopt new technologies or processes, especially when at first they seem to be taking more time away from their main purpose: selling.


That's why it's important that you set your team up for success. Make sure to reassure them the importance of using the videos at the right stage of the sales process, and train them on how to create their own videos.

  • Your team's most important asset is time. The more efficient you can make this process, the more prospects they can reach. Practice and repetition will be key in achieving efficiency.

  • For example, if some team members are shy and don't feel comfortable recording personalized videos, ask them to start sending internal videos to their teammates (like meeting recaps) as a way to practice and overcome that fear.

  • Track the performance of the videos you're sending to prospects, and have quarterly meetings with your team, in which you analyze the results and decide on next steps.

Finally, remember to document everything on a sales playbook that is updated regularly. That way, you'll be able to easily train and get new team members up to speed.

The Takeaway

Getting the attention of your prospects with email has become harder than ever.

By including videos in your sales strategy, you'll be able to provide information to your prospects in a more efficient way, and build better relationships throughout the sales process.

To achieve this, it is important that you create the right videos, and serve them at the right time to your prospects. Getting your team onboard will be key in implementing a successful content strategy that will make you stand out and be remembered by your prospects. 

If you'd like to learn more about how to create a video strategy across multiple platforms to grow your business, check out our Ultimate Guide on Video Lead Generation, which walks you through a step-by-step process to create high-converting videos for your business.


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